Monday, July 13, 2015

Emmalees Blog Post. Our Day Off.

In the last week we have traveled to the city Vijayawada for a day of rest and tourism. We went to a clothing store where the people were very welcoming in helping us figure out how to tie our saris and which colors are best. Each of the girls on the trip purchased one after trying on and retrying on of them multiple times. We also visited a hotel where we had a buffet lunch. Unsheltered by the chef at the orphanage who uses mild spices in comparison to traditional spicy hot Indian foods, our mouths were burning. We also tried traditional Indian desserts whose names I have long forgotten (and by long forgotten I mean the second I stepped away from the nameplate at the buffet). We also took a ferry to an island where we did a rope course through the trees and a good scenic walk. Baskin Robins ended our day happily with a taste of home.


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