Monday, July 6, 2015

Blog Post for 7/6

Blog post for 7/6

We are on day 5 in country and we have already seen so many God moments and have learned many new things about the country, people, and the overall culture of the area. I will tell you a little about what I have learned and experienced.

We have taught in 3 buildings. 1 village church, 1 ministry church, and the ministry center. In all services I have played the guitar for the kids and prayed for alot of people. It was very interesting to pray for a mass and I really did not expect to do it.

I will be honest though, this no beef thing is very difficult. Although I have found new alternatives that are quite tasty. Anywhere from lamb to Nan (a type of bread crepe thingy). Anyone who knows me can say that I love food and I have enjoyed all of the many new flavors and spices!

My overall rating I give this country is a 5 star with 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! I am excited to see what the rest of the time will unfold!


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