Monday, July 13, 2015

Emmalees Blog Post. Our Day Off.

In the last week we have traveled to the city Vijayawada for a day of rest and tourism. We went to a clothing store where the people were very welcoming in helping us figure out how to tie our saris and which colors are best. Each of the girls on the trip purchased one after trying on and retrying on of them multiple times. We also visited a hotel where we had a buffet lunch. Unsheltered by the chef at the orphanage who uses mild spices in comparison to traditional spicy hot Indian foods, our mouths were burning. We also tried traditional Indian desserts whose names I have long forgotten (and by long forgotten I mean the second I stepped away from the nameplate at the buffet). We also took a ferry to an island where we did a rope course through the trees and a good scenic walk. Baskin Robins ended our day happily with a taste of home.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blog Post Carries Thoughts

I'm not sure what day we are on or even what day of the week it is, I guess that's not important.  All I know is my heart has been touched in so many ways. I look around this orphanage and see the face of God all around me. That along makes it worth the heat, the crazy driving, the differences in the food, ALL the people (which is ALOT), the sacred cows the water buffalo that are EVERYWHERE and the fact that most of India does not even like Christians.
    The time in the churches was amazing, witnessing people come to know Jesus, young kids on their knees praying..... All these experiences this far are more than I can put into words. Thank you for all the support and mostly the prayers. God is for us! Carrie ;)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Blog Post for 7/6

Blog post for 7/6

We are on day 5 in country and we have already seen so many God moments and have learned many new things about the country, people, and the overall culture of the area. I will tell you a little about what I have learned and experienced.

We have taught in 3 buildings. 1 village church, 1 ministry church, and the ministry center. In all services I have played the guitar for the kids and prayed for alot of people. It was very interesting to pray for a mass and I really did not expect to do it.

I will be honest though, this no beef thing is very difficult. Although I have found new alternatives that are quite tasty. Anywhere from lamb to Nan (a type of bread crepe thingy). Anyone who knows me can say that I love food and I have enjoyed all of the many new flavors and spices!

My overall rating I give this country is a 5 star with 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! I am excited to see what the rest of the time will unfold!


Journal Entry From Saturday the 4th

Journal Entry From Saturday the Fourth.

Tonight was a night I hope I never forget. The day was kind of hard. We were planning our teaching time with the children later this week and then later we planned what we would do visiting churches. I felt like I just needed time alone to think and plan, but that doesn't really happen on trips like this. I also feel like I don't know what to do with the kids. I don't know what to say to them because they don't understand me, and I don't have any fun things to do with them except show them the iPad, which seems pretty lame.  So it wasn't the best of days.  But did God ever turn it around. We drove to the village church. The guy driving us is from the orphanage, and I've dubbed him Jeff Gordon.  We went on the narrowest road we've been on yet, between busy storefronts in a small town, which by the way is packed with people.  Then we were on country roads half done. Finally we turned on a single lane dirt road and stopped after one hundred yards or so.  We walked back a raised, dusty path in the dark to a church that might have been twenty feet by thirty feet, packed with women and children.  Of course they all sat on the floor but honored us by bringing us chairs.  It was perhaps the hottest place I've ever been.  I could hardly hold back the tears. They are so poor, but they listened to every word with rapt attention. I love them. I haven't felt such love for the children at the orphanage, but I couldn't stop thinking how amazing and beautiful these people were.  After the service, Kiran asked if any of them wanted us to pray for them, and every hand went up.  He lined them up in rows and told us to go to a row.  I knew which one I was going to right away...the one with my favorite bright eyed smiley girl in the front and the woman who had nodded in agreement the whole service right behind her. I knelt down and smiled, folded my hands over hers and prayed.  I didn't know what she needed and she couldn't understand me, but we were both crying.  God put specific prayers on my lips for her. I've never felt anything like it, and the same thing happened with all the other women in my row.  Praise the Lord.  He is good, and I can't wait to sit with these sisters at the banquet feast in heaven. After prayer, we were shown the home of the pastor...a thatch roofed hut that might be ten by ten, if we're being generous.  Five people live there, and just this morning a king cobra slithered out of the roof and into the hut, where his beautiful and bright daughters often sleep on the floor. Ten thousand dollars would buy him a new house with two rooms and a bathroom. Not to mention that not long ago this pastor went to help put out a fire in a nearby hut, inhabited by Hindus who had recently beaten him for sharing the Gospel.  He had Kiran call the fire department and also helped with the building of their new house.  They have since become believers.  I can't tell you how good the Lord is and what power there is in praying with His people.  Thank you so much Father. I love you.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Landed in India

Well, we are finally here after 16 hours on two planes. Things went well and we are trying rest up before exploring Hyderabad. Its 11 am here when this is posted.

-GUM General Update Manager