Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Last fall when the 10 of us started on this mission journey to  plan a return trip to Bucharest, Romania with Children to Love, February 4-14, 2016, seemed like a long way off.  Brandon Snyder did a wonderful job of planning and organizing all the logistical preparation for this undertaking.

Everything gradually fell into place and finally the big day arrived.  We were on our way to Romania.  Three of our team had been there in July 2015 but the remaining 7 were filled with excitement of the unknown.

This blog has kept our church family and loved ones updated on the day to day activities; each day seemed more and more exciting.  The children were beautiful and eager to give and receive love.

Each day seemed to build upon the previous day, the team sharing the songs, lessons, crafts and dancing.  They loved it, we loved it.  Our God is so good!

But, today was different.  The lessons, games, sharing and activities were all wonderful but . . . today we had to say goodbye.  Our hearts were breaking as we hugged, kissed, exchanged Facebook contacts, promised to stay in contact and then kissed and hugged some more.

The #1 question they asked was, "Will you come back?"  With tears in our eyes, we told them we would love to.

CTL is all about building relationships.  And after seeing their reactions, that's exactly what happened.

Tomorrow, Daniel, a CTL staff member will be taking us sightseeing.  Then early Sunday morning we will board our plane to Istanbul and then on to Washington Dulles.

Thanks to all of you for the prayers and words of encouragement.  What a blessing you all are to us and to the children and to CTL.  We are all the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.

Thanks for making this happen.

Bonnie Troutman, Brandon Snyder and Luke Jacobs

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