Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why Start a Team Missions Blog?

As Halifax United Methodist Church embarks on a new adventure of 'Going Global', we want to take time to share our story. Keeping a blog or a journal is an effective way to capture the experiences. We will record our feelings about daily encounters: the stories about friendships with nationals, the way God intervenes in our day, what God is doing in our heart, new insights we learn about missions and doing God's work.
In the Bible we are encouraged to record and retell the things that God has done. The whole Bible is actually a compilation of the stories of God's people written by many authors who were God's inspired journal keepers.
Pslams 78:1-7 and Psalm 77:11-15 encourage us to remember, consider and meditate on our experiences. We want to share these experience with the whole congregation because we are representing YOU!

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