Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 1 and Day 2

1st day -June 13th- Having been on two planes flying over 12 hours in less than a day, i guess you can say we were all a bit "out of it" this morning. But as sunny as the day over here, we got up and began getting ready. After breakfast we shared the thoughts one another had about everything so far, even though we had only been in country for about 12 hours at that point. Many feelings were brought up and we began to get involved in discussion.
Soon enough Bogdan was there with Marc and we were sent off on a tour/introduction to Romanian life. Even though it started as just a tour of the city, there was so much more than just sitting on a bus for an hour listening to people talk around you. We embraced Romania as more than just another country, but as another culture that seemed so different than that of the "perfect" U.S. society.
After our "culture-shock" as John Penrose put it, we walked back to the CTL center for a break from the hot and humid weather outside. Some then chose to take part in a game to test the very primal instincts of man and the "to the death" feeling many have when it comes to extreme sports...Dutch Blitz. Which up until today i knew nothing about.
After break we all climbed back into the vans and made our way to the Home of Hope to pick up the girls for a day at the park. Although when we met up with the girls, the forecast had begun to show some rain and we canceled the trip to park and settled with bringing them back to the CTL center and playing games.
They delighted us with the chance to hear them sing their little lungs out to some of their favorite songs, while we sang along in English. Then we took part in game after game with the girls. Anywhere from arts and crafts, to ball, to games of which i cannot pronounce their name. Needless to say we could feel the presence of God the entire time. But 7:30 came fast and the girls were taken home.
We ate dinner and debriefed as a group as we discussed if anybodies feelings had changed since earlier, which obviously they all had. And so ends the first day of Romania.

Day 2 -June 14th- Up at 08:00, needing a little boost due to layover jet-lag, we got up, ate breakfast and it was off to church with all of us. But instead of just jumping in a car and going like Americans, we walked a mile to the metro, rode the metro for a while, and then walked uphill for a decent time to arrive at what looked like an abandoned office complex that turned out to be the place that the service was going to take place at.
After an amazing service with songs, prayers, and a great message, we went for lunch at McDonald's, which actually tastes better in Romania. I witnessed a God event that i will tell you all about later due to the lack of time on this blog. But after McDonald's we made the trek back to CTL where we worked on a lesson and skit for the upcoming orphanage visits that we will be doing.
Then we loaded up the van and headed off again to the Home of Hope to escort the girls to the park for the much needed fun day, while my father, Jamie, Krista, and I stayed with Marc and Nelu to build cabinets and chairs for the Home.
At around 7:30 again the girls were back at the house and we had just finished everything and we watched as their little faces lit up with excitement when they saw what we had made for them.
We then met back at CTL for pizza and some debriefing from the days events. Many stories had risen up into conversations and many people had witnessed God moments much like my own. Then we opened up a couple more letters from the families back home. After a long day filled with many experiences and stories, it is time to call it a night and mark the end to the 2nd day! Goodnight Everybody! "Noapte bună"


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